Tyre Fitting Service

Tyre Fitting Service

Gabe Trading provide the best service and most competitive prices when it comes to finding and fitting your new tyre.

At Gabe Trading Tyres we use the highest quality equipment to fit, align and balance your tyres. To change your tyres we use the Megamount 701 from Hofmann Megaplan.

This high perfomance tyre changer is ideally suited to all types of tyre and rims, capable of being strong enough yet gentle enough to handle everything from general puprose tyres to the high performing run flat and low profile tyres.

Gabe Trading of Wigan use some of the very best and state of the art systems around, coupled with some of the most friendly and helpful staff in the Wigan area. This combination of professional expertise and superb high quality equipment makes Gabe Trading the first choice for quality, service and professional tyre fitting.