Digital Wheel Alignment

Digital Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment is an important part of any cars set up. It’s not just the wheels we look at it’s the essential steering and suspension elements of your car too.

Gabe Trading we don’t use ‘old school’ systems we use state of the art 4 wheel digital wheel alignment systems.

Our state of the art digital wheel alignment system uses actual manufacturers data to get all four wheels rest to the factory settings ensuring you get the best and safest drive possible.


Digital wheel alignment has a host of benefits including:

Gabe Trading can supply and fit new tyres for almost any vehicle on the road.

  • Increased tyres life
  • Better miles per gallon
  • Improved handling
  • Safer driving
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At Gabe Trading, we provide more than just an accurate, fast alignment system. We provide a complete, competitive and reliable digital wheel alignment and tyre service.

How Does our Digital Wheel Alignment Service Work?:

  • Four high-resolution digital cameras (one per target) continuously monitor and target each wheel
  • The adapter’s unique design is able to accommodate a wide variety of wheel configurations and sizes
  • Reversible adapter rim studs provide adaptability for steel rims or speciality with Run-Flat and Flange-Guard tyres
  • Print out in approximately eight minutes of full geometry including toe, caster and camber.

Many tyre companies simply use out dated manual systems to align wheels. At Gabe Trading we provide a comprehensive and thorough wheel alignment service ensuring your car is set up right every time.

You’re safer, save fuel, reduce tyre wear and you gain a much better ride.